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20 Best Luxury Cars to Rent in Dubai

20 Best Luxury Cars to Rent in Dubai

20 Best Luxury Cars to Rent in Dubai

Are you travelling to Dubai for that awaited Middle Eastern vacation? Whether you are a foreigner or a local in the city, the thought of driving around in a luxury car feels nice. Also, the UAE has some of the best road systems globally. So, if you are a luxury supercar enthusiast, this part of the world is a beautiful dreamland. Luxury car rental in Dubai is a widely available service as well. However, there are so many options that it is easy to get confused

So, if you are planning on driving around a luxury car, options are, in fact, extensive. The city offers everything from big luxury SUVs to superfast luxury sportscars. Whichever car you dream of can be made available with a luxury car hire service. If you have the budget, the most elite car rental options are always available. Also, this article will help you find the best luxury or supercar hire service in Dubai. Read through to find out more:

1-  Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 

With ample power; comes big responsibility. This sort of Spider-Man quote comes true with the Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 hire in Dubai. The Maybach-treated Mercedes engine in this big car offers plenty of juice. Also, this big car has lots of room for added comfort. Plus, it will always have that Mercedes styling with it too. Amazing indeed.

2-  Lamborghini Urus – Best SUV Luxury Car Rental in Dubai 

Lamborghini has always been a leading Italian supercar brand. More recently, the company has introduced their version of a big SUV car. This takes the name of the beautiful Lamborghini Urus. By nature, the Urus isn’t an Aventador or a Huracan at all. On the flip side, it ditches the low to the ground smaller footprint of such sportscars altogether.
What you get with the Urus is a refined large SUV. It has five luxury seats and a world of pleasure. The car retains Lamborghini’s superfast Italian-made engine. For both 0-60s and ultimate luxury, the Urus never fails to impress. Lamborghini Urus rental is what you need for those big boy road trips. Fun fact, the Urus is an all-wheel-drive SUV that will be an excellent deal for all-terrain driving. However, the company doesn’t tout it as an off-roader or a desert safari specialist.

3-  Rolls Royce Cullinan - Luxury SUV Hire 

The Rolls Royce Cullinan is a top choice when looking for luxury, styling, and performance in one package. The amazing Cullinan has that famous Rolls Royce DNA and offers that in an SUV package.
The Cullinan is the perfect choice for any kind of road trip. It is the perfect vehicle for all-terrain driving experiences. Users get lots of power, performance and luxury. This supercar hire in Dubai offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy the raw performance with style and comfort.

4-  Ferrari 488 Spider - Legendary Sportscar Hire 

For Ferrari lovers, the 488 Spider is a great option. This Ferrari 488 Spider hire in Dubai option is perfect for honeymoons or to get two people high on speed. It delivers that iconic Italian styling with lots of power on tap. Whether you like 0-60s fast or want to show off that bright Ferrari red, the 488 Spider is for you.

5-  Mercedes G63 - Powerful and Safe Big SUV Rental 

Do you want the absolute best for luxury, comfort and safety? The Mercedes G63 is a top choice for these preferences. This extra-large Merc is available with Mercedes G63 rental in Dubai and UAE.
You get true immense power, big and bold styling and oversized everything. The car is perfect for on or off-roading adventures. It can do the road great and take you to the desert better. It is a champ for all routes or no road for that matter.

6-  Lamborghini Huracan Hire in Dubai 

Lamborghini introduced their Huracan not that long ago. Since then, this supercar rental option has provided many with the heart race they need. The Lamborghini Huracan rental in Dubai delivers it from Lambo DNA, luxury interiors and extreme performance. This sportscar is a speedster and a looker combined.

7-  McLaren (570s) Speedtail – Supercar Hire in Dubai 

Does the speed of hypercars give you that kick? If yes, the McLaren Speedtail is undoubtedly one of the most exciting luxury car rental options. It is what McLaren has been about for so many decades. With a luxury interior and aerodynamically advanced body, it is a future car.
Also, the Speedtail inherits a superfast performing engine from the company as well. It is undoubtedly the best luxury car hire in Dubai option for supercars and hypercars. Put that foot on the gas, and it will give you that blood rush you cherish so much.

8-  Rolls Royce Ghost – True Luxury Car Rental 

For people who simply want the most luxurious car the world has to offer, the name Rolls Royce speaks loudly. Ever since their first cars, Rolls Royce has been a symbol of luxury. That Spirit of Ecstasy has been providing unmatched luxury worldwide for decades.
The Rolls Royce Ghost is a superior luxury car hire in Dubai option. Whether you need to attend a wedding, make that Eid or Christmas day special or get the most luxury business car, the Ghost will offer it all. This one provides speed, performance and luxury combined.

9-  Rolls Royce Dawn – Best Luxury Convertible Rental 

There is probably nothing better than the Rolls Royce Dawn in speed, luxury, aesthetics, and roof-down features. With the simple push of a button, you can put the roof up or down. If you ask us, date night luxury car rental in Dubai doesn’t get better than the Dawn. It has the speed and looks of a true supercar and can be top-down when required. Luxury combined with performance makes the Dawn a great car to rent all year.
The Rolls Royce Dawn becomes the perfect luxury supercar hire option for those cool evenings. Take your loved one with this 2-seater convertible supercar to the movies or that special dinner. It is the perfect luxury car you’d ever want to sit in.

10-  Mercedes S500 - Fast Luxury Car Rental in Dubai 

Mercedes is one of the best luxury car brands in the world. The S500 hire in Dubai option suits seedheads ideally. The car has typical Mercedes luxury and some raw speed performance on top.
The S500 is a top choice for all road trips with its big roaring engine and comfort. It makes a great honeymoon sportscar rental in the UAE option as well.

11-  Ferrari Roma – Gorgeous Italian Luxury Car Rental 

Are you a Ferrari boy? This Italian carmaker is undoubtedly a symbol in its own right. The Ferrari Roma is undoubtedly one of the best sportscar rental in Dubai options. This one combines speed, performance, sound, looks and luxury in one package. You will get the best of all these and more.
With the Ferrari Roma, you get the perfect date night car hire in UAE. Get the iconic Ferrari red version, and you will turn almost every head on the street. Combine the looks with its iconic sound profile, and you have a winner supercar hire option. 12-  Chevrolet Corvette C8 - American Supercar Hire 

When it comes to that American Muscle vibe, nothing does it better than the Chevy Corvette C8. This supercar rental in Dubai will leave nothing to the imagination. The perfect combination for fast road or track days.
Chevrolet Corvette C8 hire in UAE offers users the perfect opportunity to make their supercar dream come true. The latest models have all the tech required to please any preference.

13-  Ferrari Portofino Hire in Dubai 

That Italian flair is evident with the Ferrari Portofino hire in Dubai. This mighty beast has authentic Ferrari styling and iconic performance figures. The Portofino is the best sportscar hire option available, combining modern tech with decades-old Ferrari power.

14-  Range Rover Sport SVR - Powerful SUV Rental

Range Rover is close to many hearts. And the Range Rover Sport SVR hire in Dubai is the perfect option if you are a big SUV lover. It has significant power, lots of space and opportunity for 7-seater luxury.
All said and done, the Range Rover Sport SVR can take you on luxury on or off-road trips in UAE. It can do desert safaris brilliantly as well.

15-   Audi Q8 Rental in Dubai 

When looking for a big car offering lots of seating and luggage capacity with considerable power, the Audi Q8 hire in Dubai is a perfect choice. This SUV can provide significant performance, luxury and comfort combined into one package. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is tight corners and narrow roads.

16-  GMC Yukon - Big Car Rental 

If you are a big, bold car lover, the GMC Yukon rental in Dubai is perfect for you. This one is no small or elegant car by any means. It has aggressive styling and GMC DNA running through it. If considerable power, gigantic engines and luxury interiors are your cups of tea, the Yukon will make it happen for you. Oh yes! And the Yukon will take you anywhere you want to go too.

17-  Cadillac Escalade – 7-Seater Luxury Car Rental 

Are you looking for the ultimate big luxury car? The Cadillac Escalade is a great choice. With that iconic Cadillac styling, this big, bold SUV is what you need to take you literally anywhere. The Escalade will help you map out any terrain. It’s a breeze on the road or off it for any desert safaris or mountain scaling.
The Escalade is a 7-seater big SUV. It is one of the best luxury cars hire in Dubai options without a doubt. Significant power is available for the right road. Fold the seats down, and you get luggage space like no other. Go on long-distance road trips or desert safaris with the family.

18-  Bentley Bentayga - British Sportscar Rental

The Bentley Bentayga is genuinely one of the finest sportscars around. You can get a Bentley Bentayga to hire in Dubai for your pleasure. This top performance-oriented sportscar also is one of the most luxurious as well. Bold styling with supercar DNA makes this the perfect option for fast driving. It holds its own for off-roading supercar as well. 19-  Audi R8 Spyder - Stylish Supercar Hire 

Many people believe Audi supercars to be the most stylish going around. The Audi R8 Spyder rental in Dubai option will provide just that and plenty more. This European supercar has the performance to make anyone happy.
It touts one of the best interior and exterior combinations as well. The Audi R8 Spyder will get you those goosebumps with its sheer speed and luxury styling.

20-  Porsche Carrera 911 Hire in Dubai

Porsche has made a name for itself in the supercar community. The Porsche Carrera 911 rental in Dubai option will provide you with everything you expect. From industry-leading top speed to those fast 0-60s, the 911 comes with it all.
And yes, it also has that iconic Porsche styling as well. Get this British sportscar hire and bring your loved one along the ride. It will provide that pleasure of speed and luxury of a Porsche.