Rent Mercedes Amg GTR In Dubai!

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Rent Mercedes Amg GTR In Dubai!

Mercedes-AMG GTR

Mercedes-AMG GTR

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This car is not only about the breathtaking appearance; it’s also about the extraordinary features under the hood! If you are seeking a luxury driving experience to remember, renting a Mercedes Amg GTR in Dubai is your number one option. This car has a lot to offer on the road, all of which exude joy, happiness, and thrills.

Why Pick the Mercedes Amg GTR?

Driving a Mercedes Amg GTR illustrates the gratifying precision handling perfectly, athletic performance, and stunning interior. The Mercedes Amg GTR perfectly shows how the car shines bright with elegant details, a tastefully decorated interior, premium materials, and a dash of modern amenities. Also, it boasts a low fastback roofline that gives a sportier, striking look finish. 

A Stunning Performance On The Road!

The Amg GTR is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that has been tweaked to produce 585hp - 75hp.  Additionally, for peak performance, this excellent car accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in only 3.6 seconds, sounds incredible, and strikes the ideal balance between power and speed on the road. 

Fun moments await you whenever you drive the Mercedes Amg GTR!

A Luxurious Interior & Mind-Blowing Features

What makes the Mercedes Amg GTR stands out and shine among other luxury cars is that it boasts an abundance of attractive features than can turn your journey into a memorable one in no time. This car's interior conveys a sporting spirit while preserving a modern and eye-catching appearance. The cabin is the same as a standard car, but it feels distinctively different. It boasts outstanding fit and finish, high-quality materials used everywhere, and seating that is as low to the ground as you would expect in a sports vehicle. 

Find Your Dream Car With Us!

When having a wide selection of luxury and attractive vehicles that are irresistible to try, Luxury Car Rental gives you what you need precisely. You can check our collection of Mercedes G63 Rental and Mercedes S Class Rental to choose what suits you the most. 

Even if you are seeking a calm journey, we can make it distinctive for you!

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